Truck lights

New Truck Truck 12-24V Car Side Signal Warning Light 24LED Ultra Thin Explosive Flash Light 48W

US $$3.00/piece

Product specifications:


-Adopting high-power chips

-Aluminum shell, high thermal conductivity, and beautiful appearance.

-It lights up in microseconds and reacts quickly.

-LED lights have a long lifespan,.

-Easy to install, just connect and use.

-Constant light+strobe mode (with power off memory function)

-Applicable to: cars/motorcycles/trucks/trucks


-Chip model:

-Number of chips: 24pcs

-Color: White/Yellow/Red/Blue/White Red/White Blue/White Yellow/Red Blue

Voltage: 12V-24V

Power: 36W

Material: Aluminum

Size: 8.6 * 2.8 cm

Weight: 62 grams (net weight per unit)

Packaging method: Electrostatic bag packaging

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