LED car light

Thin wireless remote control, 6LED, one trailer, two LED, car grille explosion warning light, four trailer, six trailer, eight trailer

US $$4.80/piece

Product Description:

Product Name: LED Car Wireless Remote Control Medium Network Explosion Flashing Warning Light

Product model: 9203-1 trailer 2

Product power: 6W

Product light source: Imported high-power LED

Number of lamp beads: 6LED

Light source power: 1W/LED

Working voltage: DC12V

Light colors: red, yellow, white, blue; Or any two color combinations such as red blue, white yellow, white red, white blue, etc. (please note the color when placing an order)

Burst mode: Multiple burst modes

Line length: The power line length of the controller is 1M; The wire length between the lamp and the controller is 1.5M

Working temperature: -40 ℃ -55 ℃

Installation method: clamp fixed installation

Product gross weight: 0.2Kg

Product Specification: Product Image

Product packaging: 17.5 * 13.3 * 6 CM

Packing specification: 50PCS/CTN

Product life:>50000h

Packing includes: lamp body (not included in product manual)

Application scope: All 12V vehicles and outdoor warning lights are usually used in police cars, engineering vehicles, fire trucks, emergency vehicles, prevention and management vehicles

Development of road maintenance vehicles, tractors, emergency A/S vehicles, mechanical equipment, etc

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